Coronavirus and Solidarity

April, 15th 2020  Moments of solidarity. As you know, I belong to an organization of real estate agents throughout the territory, the National Network of Real Estate Agents, where we all also belong to the international BNI network. The RNAI has launched a campaign to put owners of empty apartments in contact with health professionals who need an apartment for go to rest and not returnat  home, and thus avoid the danger of infecting their relatives. They are giving everything, so let’s see who can do something for them, making a donation or low rent, of an apartment that is currently empty. We will make, in a totally altruistic way, the contract (to guarantee the legal security of the rental) and put them in contact. This is understood as an exceptional case, which should only last for the duration of this exception state.

If you have an apartment or know someone who has it and wants to collaborate, you can directly access the website that I share with you and leave the data. If you are a health professional and need an apartment in the area of ​​influence of your health center, also leave your details and, if the opportunity arises, we will put you in contact with the owner and tenant. Share !!

Emergency Home

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