COVID-19 and our work during restrictions.

August, 20th, 2020  And the closing of the offices came, the impossibility of making visits, the uncertainty of the market and knowing if we will sell sooner or later. The first thing that most real estate companies have done has been to cancel advertisings to no have expenses of dubious profitability….. so, if they cannot make visits or sell, why would they spend more money?

No, that is not the answer. We owe it to our clients, out of respect and commitment to them, for having trusted us, for ethics and because it is our duty. At The White Side we continue to publishing on the main internet websites the apartments that our clients have entrusted us to sell. Prospective buyers continue to seeking the apartment of their dreams, continue to have needs, with natural doubts about the future, of course. From our office we continue to attend the emails we receive, we explain the property to potential buyers and we prepare visiting schedules when restrictions are finished.

Our clients deserve that we continue working for their interests, which are also ours, so we understand our work as a team-pack to achieve a common interest among three parties, the seller,  the buyer and ours as business advisors, agreements, legal advice and respecting the sensibilities of each of the parties.

So, do not worry, here we are to work for all of you, sellers and buyers (you can continue finding the apartments that we intermediate on this website that you are visiting, and in the main and most important real estate websites in the sector).

We hope to see you soon, really. Doing satisfactory operations for all parties is our mission and our hope. Lots of health.

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