Get a mortgage, but with common sense

5/1/2022 Mortgage financing is one of the best inventions to acquire a home. At least, for those of us who, without it, could not access one, and it allows us to enjoy the position of owners. But be careful, because experience is a degree and we must learn from what happened in the crisis 15 years ago!

What we must never forget is that the mortgage loan is very long in years and, in addition to the current conditions, we must make a forecast of how the conditions under which we contract it will affect us in the future.

Currently we are on the verge (between 1 and 2 years) of experiencing rate increases again and, with the experience of past times, we must think that a small increase in interest rates can end up being a lot of money in the installment. monthly.

Thus, it is best to contract a mortgage at a fixed rate, which guarantees us stability and peace of mind at the installment level or, on the contrary, if we want to take advantage of possible rate drops in the future, and we decide on a variable rate mortgage. , let us bear in mind how far we can also assume the risk of quota increases, giving ourselves a sufficient margin so that it does not become an unbearable burden.

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