Building for sale 22@ – Barcelona. With tenants at term.

816 m2 - 10 Rooms / 10 Baths

Sold Out

Reference: 1068

Building for sale in calle Pere IV, 22 @, with urban development of Parcs i Jardins.

22 @ 17/6 Urban Renewal. Transformation of existing use in green zone. PGM Application Article: Section 11A.

Urban renewal zone in use transformation (17)

Articles 367 and 368.

The City Council admits, until the action for the acquisition of the land is scheduled, to be used for equipment or green spaces, the owner or holder of the right of occupation of the property at the time of approval of the General Plan, may:

1. To carry out works of consolidation, repair, modernization or improvement of the aesthetic or hygienic conditions of the buildings, but not to increase the volume.

2. To develop the own activity of the existing facilities and to allocate the premises, in the event of transfer of industry, to the warehouse of products for sale or distribution.

A. In the event that the intended transformation is not for vial, what is disposed in the previous paragraph, will be applicable in the portion of farm not destined to public way.
B. Small repairs requiring hygiene, ornamentation and conservation may be carried out throughout the building.

Thus, until action is planned to acquire the land, the City Council allows the owner to continue to rent the property, improving the property and give the agreed use to it.

Once the land acquisition process is started, the landlord can agree on the price at which the City Council can acquire the property, to give the land the agreed use.

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