Flat for Sale at General Mitre – Sarria. High, need Update

86 m2 - 3 Rooms / 2 Baths

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Reference: 0644

Apartment for Sale in Sarrià. High, Bright, Peaceful.

In the exclusive Sarrià district of Barcelona, a unique opportunity awaits those who value luxury, comfort, and the potential for customization in their next home. This sixth-floor apartment is more than just a residence; it’s the chance to bring your dreams of a bespoke living space to life.

While the property requires renovation, this is precisely one of its greatest appeals to those with a discerning eye for design and style. Imagine the satisfaction of creating a space that reflects your personality and specific needs. The three spacious, exterior double bedrooms offer flexibility, making it ideal for couples, families, or those who value additional space for guests or a home office.

The generous 30-square-meter living room, with abundant natural light and a sense of tranquility, is the perfect place to relax, entertain, and cherish unforgettable moments. In addition, the property has parking, and there is the possibility, in the future, that there will be a space for sale.

In this exclusive area of Barcelona, the neighbourhood consists of people with a high economic status and social standing, potential buyers seeking a residence that reflects their success and refined lifestyle. For those with the financial means to invest in a property of this calibre, the appeal of this residence translates into the opportunity to create a personal oasis in an unbeatable location.

The location itself is a highlight. Situated between Ronda General Mitre and Calle Buigas, you’ll be immersed in the cosmopolitan essence of Barcelona, with access to the finest shops, restaurants, and services the area has to offer. Furthermore, the serenity felt within this apartment is unparalleled, making it a peaceful sanctuary within the bustling metropolis. Its proximity to major entry and exit routes from the city adds an invaluable layer of convenience.

We understand that the purchase of a home is an emotional and personal decision. This Sarrià apartment offers the opportunity to craft your dream home, a space that mirrors your lifestyle and tastes. Picture the satisfaction of seeing your ideas come to life in every corner of this property.

As real estate agents committed to our clients, our aim is to connect with people who will appreciate all the advantages this property provides.

Contact us today and discover your future home in Sarrià!

The offered price does not include taxes or fees, and the property does not come furnished.

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