Stonehouse for sale in Colonia Guell – Barcelona

Refurbished by Antoni Gaudi, and where he did live for up than 30 years

3500 m2 - 10 Rooms / 6 Baths

4.800.000 €

Reference: 1153

Located in characteristic village of Colonia Guell, we find this property dated from the seventeenth century. Private house of Eusebi Guell, Earl of Guell and during a significant and productive period also by the architect Antoni Gaudí whose design has been presereved at several original architectural and decorative elements.Parabolic arches, mosaics, magnificients lampsare sharing the space with typical volta Catalana ceilings in rooms. ALL OF THEM were used for the inner design OF BARCELONA SAGRADA FAMILIA´S PROJECTS in Barcelona, which the village´s old church called LA CRIPTA, was the idea´s laboratory before to build the famous Temple. Its qualities are worthy of a Manor House.

Wide open spaces, high ceilings, large windows and fine materials make up a piece of high class and justify their cataloging Artistic and Cultural Site.
Rooms of the main floor, the stables, the old barn, the adjacent church, its spaces located on the ground floor currently used as independent houses and a large garden with pool make this property an ideal place to let flying imagination and think about of a project that takes full advantage of the farmhouse as a whole gives us.

La Colonia Güell is in itself a place where that the industrial origin is notable for its whole configuration, in general. That fact took the owner to build houses and basic services as schools, a mill, a hospital or storehouses for the families of the former textile factory whose the participation of Antoni Gaudi designing and managing that significant buildings has bringing the village up to now when has been converted in a tourist spot that receives through its Crypt and its Visitor Reception Centre a significant number of people each year.

Visitors stroll through the streets enjoying the tranquility and charm of a journey through time, a society far from the common and just a few are reluctant to want to keep for always living in the town.

Well served by transport services because it has a train station, bus lines with good frequency to nearby towns, schools, sports facilities and natural areas make any basic necessity be unattended.
A luxury, 20 minutes from Barcelona.

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