The agreed commissions, a bad image for our sector

15/12/2021 I firmly believe in collaboration, as long as it is based on common interests, trust, respect and good practice.

For many years I have not accepted to work with people I do not know, of whom I have no reference to their moral and ethical status, professional background or, at least, who are recommended by someone I trust to endorse them.

Participate in an MLS (Multiple Listing System, a database that allows real estate users to share properties captured on a shared exclusive basis), not at the moment.

I do not see myself in them for the reasons that I explain, since I have to assume that I am going to open the information of my product to a collaborator whom I have not chosen and who may not have these concepts as clear as I have them. And I cannot doubt something that could end up being detrimental to my client.

We continue to focus on the invoice and not on doing a good job, and this is how our sector continues, with the reluctance of many clients to give us the confidence to sell their property.

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