The White Side

The White Side Real Estate is a company with an ethical and very professional way of working. To meet the needs of our customers is our “trademark” and we strongly believe in listening people and understand their dreams. By doing so we offer always the best choices without wasting customer’s time visiting homes and properties that would not satisfy our customers expectations.

We like to sit down with people and to understand what they are looking for. In us you would find a professional team that will be beside you during all the process until your complete satisfaction. Not only selling a home but also helping you if you require any change or transformation in the property, we can take care of everything and you can be assure that we will do that in the best and most economical way for you.

We have a very special properties with a wide range of prices but without compromising the quality of the apartments/houses and always with a very strong commitment with design, comfort, functionality and, of course, in the best locations of Barcelona and its surroundings, including properties in the most downtown and cool places of the city but also in the beautiful and exclusive mountains and beaches that surrounds Barcelona.

We are a real estate professional agency that specializes in homes in Barcelona and Catalan Coast but we work also in a very customize way, we can find anything that our customer want or we can have it done.

Please visit us at our office located in one of the most attractive area of Barcelona (Bonanova), you will find in us the best partner in your searching of the dreamed home.

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