We sell Properties with Disinfection Certificate by COVID-19

We have no doubts, we make all the necessary investments and we give all the support to our clients, Sellers and Buyers, delivering the properties that we manage disinfected by prestigious companies of the sector, contributing the corresponding Accrediting Certificate provided by them. This disinfection, inevitably professional, and this is another contribution we offer to […]

COVID-19 and our work during restrictions.

And the closing of the offices came, the impossibility of making visits, the uncertainty of the market and knowing if we will sell sooner or later. The first thing that most real estate companies have done has been to cancel advertisings to no have expenses of dubious profitability….. so, if they cannot make visits or […]

Coronavirus and Solidarity

Moments of solidarity. As you know, I belong to an organization of real estate agents throughout the territory, the National Network of Real Estate Agents, where we all also belong to the international BNI network. The RNAI has launched a campaign to put owners of empty apartments in contact with health professionals who need an […]

Do young people pay less taxes on buying a home?

Good news for young people who want to buy an apartment! The Tax Agency of Catalonia will make it a little easier for you, if you meet the following requirements: – Have not yet turned 33 years old. – That your total tax base, minus the personal and family minimum, lastly declaration of income tax […]

What is the most important thing when selling my apartment?

This is the first question we should ask to ourselves at the moment we decided to sell our property. It is not just about taking some photos of the property and uploading it to any of the portals that we find on the internet. A sales process, if we want to achieve the best economic […]

(Español) Puedo vender mi piso y no pagar a Hacienda?

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and Catalan.

Corporate Video The White Side Properties

A pleasure to present to you how we work, in what we focus our efforts and the testimony of real clients, talking about their experience with TWS https://dms.licdn.com/playback/C4D05AQHSlSAZUYbUBw/8c6680c7e4b84ee88b4a657a1e15e6c9/feedshare-mp4_3300-captions-thumbnails/1507940147251-drlcss?e=1559206800&v=beta&t=8puPVU8DALpB7igEajMNQ3xFcf2vxrcUHtG7cm2B1RI

Interview on TV3 with Carles Grau, talking about the price increase in the real estate sector.

A pleasure to participate and give my humble, although experienced opinion.   http://www.ccma.cat/tv3/alacarta/telenoticies-vespre/els-pisos-amb-llicencia-turistica-es-disparen-de-preu/video/5627314/