What is the most important thing when selling my apartment?

January, 30th 2020  This is the first question we should ask to ourselves at the moment we decided to sell our property. It is not just about taking some photos of the property and uploading it to any of the portals that we find on the internet. A sales process, if we want to achieve the best economic conditions, time savings and always with all legal guarantees, requires a more complex sales strategy that we must plan from the beginning. Next, you will find the minimum advice necessary to succeed.

Photos: The publication of unprofessional images is unthinkable. The level of demand of the future buyers calls for a high standard of quality in advertisements. What we publish also improves significantly if it is joined by videos and virtual tours.

Texts: Better not tell endless stories taken from any manual. Time is very valuable for everyone and buyers plan to visit many pages. It is essential to get attention from the first moment. Clear and precise explanations. Accurate and concrete descriptions about the property. Data about the neighborhood (services of all kinds, shops, communications, etc.). Good writing with short and clear phrases, punctuation marks and an appropriate lexicon. We are not sending an email or WhatsApp.

Advertising process: No doubt, the best ad is the one that allows professionals to explain, once in the office, which property is best suited to the needs of customers. To reach this point we need to maximize the potential of the advertising by professional payment portals, and to achieve improvements in increasing the visibility of the ads, positioning improvements will be made, and stand out from the competition’s advertisements. This entails high economic investments that we can only assume professional offices. It is the secret to generate more visits and, therefore, more possibilities to sell.

There are more important details that affect a good sales process, and we can guide you all this way. We are a group of professionals with more than seventeen years  experience in the real estate sector. Come to visit us. The doors are open for all of you.

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